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Chronopolitics — III muistio ajasta

Live performances:

premiere Fri 19.3. klo 17.30
other performances: Tue 23.3. / Thu 25.3 / Fri 26.3. / Sat 27.3. at 17.30

Tickets: Kiasma 09 1733 6501 / 4 e

Chronopolitics — III Memo of Time

is a branching performance seeking a duration that exceeds the human lifespan and lasts endlessly. It explores the boundaries of performance, performative societies and subjectivity by asking whether performance has an exterior or an end. It is based on a vision of a potential future world without animals, but filled with representations of animals. Chronopolitics is the third part of a series of performances entitled Memos of Time (2006—), exploring the relationships between performance, nature and time.

Live performance:

A moving workroom that can settle in in new places and connect with new collaborators. In March 2010 in Helsinki it will relate to the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, the Zoological Museum, and the Observatory of Ursa Astronomical Association. Through Kiasma, the visitor can walk from the Zoological Museum to the working space and on to the Observatory with own timing.

ZOOLOGICAL MUSEUM, Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 13
1. group at 17.30, 2. group at 17.55, 3. group at 18.20.
10 persons/group, book the time together with the ticket reservation.

WORK ROOM OF PERFORMANCE, Kalevankatu 30, 5. floor.
Open from 18 to 20.

OBSERVATORY (URSA), on the highest hill in Kaivopuisto
Star performance (20 min), a loop between 20-21.30.

Performance by non humans:

Muinaisranta, Kivikko
(N/lat 60° 15.022’, E/lon 25° 4.631’)

Web performance:

Maus&Orlovski performance
collective 2009—2010—

(in March 2010 the humans of the performance are between 70-9 years old)

non human co-actors, Sirkka Turkka (poetry), Kauko Uusoksa (qigong), Tuija Kokkonen (concept, text, direction), Riku Saastamoinen (sound), Sini Haapalinna (live video), Pinja Kokkonen (roboanimal direction); Silva Sallamaa, Elina Tommila (guides/the Zoological Museum), Sakari Lehtinen (star presenter /Observatory, Ursa Astronomical Association)

Pekka Sassi (video), Mika Aalto-Setälä (graphic design), Johanna Tirronen (production consult), Ville Saarivaara (web programming), Karita Blom (production assistant)

Jouko Rikkinen, professor of botany, Dept. of bio sciences/ University of Helsinki (lichen photography and discussions),
Ilona Oksanen, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dept. of food and environmental sciences, Division of Microbiology /University of Helsinki (Introduction to cyanobacteria, microscoping and filming in collaboration with Sini Haapalinna), Markku Nousiainen, digital media designer & artist (programming & technical consulting), David Hackston, English translation (except the citates)

Maus&Orlovski in collaboration with Kiasma Theatre/Musem of Contemporary Art and Theatre Academy, Helsinki.

Finnish Cultural Foundation, Kone Foundation, Performing Arts Research Centre/Theatre Academy, Arts Council of Finland

A question and a proposal

Our time has been called the age of global performance; it has been said that performance and spectatorship define us living at the beginning of 21st century. At the same time we are living in an age of ecological crises, and many researchers consider the extinctions of animal species to be our greatest thread.

How would it be possible to find a way out of the performative society, or at least move to its periphery, and change the meaning of spectatorship?

A proposal: Create a performance with non-human actor(s), or create a performance for a non-human spectator. Other than human, as non-human agents, we mean here beings and processes of “nature”: other animals, plants, phenomena of weather, various durational processes. If you wish to share your experiences, you can do it via the Chronopolitics Facebook page. But public sharing might not be the most meaningful way to approach this issue in the performative societies. You can also contact Maus&Orlovski performance collective by e-mail: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.